We built Geeny, so you can join the IoT innovation movement.

Designed to support businesses and innovators in an evermore connected world

Everybody is building their own plattform. Again and again.

Geeny is a full end to end IoT solution — much more than just connecting devices.

IoT development is costly and requires specialist talent.

Geeny speeds up IoT development by the factor of 10. Geeny enables you to build ready-to-market propositions in 100 days.

IoT requires specialized knowledge in software, hardware and security.

Geeny is an open ecosystem that provides complete technology stack and a strong partner network so you can focus on what you do best.

End-consumers do not understand IoT or it scares them.

Geeny is designed 100% from an end consumer perspective with great user experience and security features.

Three steps to get started

Start with a collaborative workshop where we explore how to get you started with Geeny and accelerate your next project.

Find partners and rapidly prototype on Geeny platform.

Leverage our knowledge, services and connections.

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