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What is Geeny?

Geeny [geeny] — is an IoT platform born in Berlin, Germany. Our intuitive, open ecosystem enables developers to build data driven apps and services (formulas), or create additional value for their existing smart devices (elements). All while empowering users to take control over their own data.

How the Geeny platform works?

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Geeny is still in Alpha!

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Currently, most of our functions are ready-to-use, but you still may need some manual assistance from our side and may come across occasional bugs.

In general, you can

  • onboard elements (devices) onto our Geeny platform
  • deploy and test formulae using device data (apps & services)

If you feel that you can not proceed with your project due to technical limitations, please feel free to reach out to us at or give us a call +49 175 3187826.