Geeny Smart Care

See how our partners such as Develco Products use Geeny platform to develop smart care solutions for seniors.

Geeny Smart Care Overview:

Smart care proposition powered by Geeny is a comprehensive prototype that aims to make seniors more autonomous, enrich their life quality and give peace of mind to relatives that care. In short: it brings us close, when we can’t be. The case utilizes different devices and sensors in IoT. Smart plugs, lights, motion tracker, emergency button, smart watch and others track daily routines and allow early detection.

  • Real time health updates and emergency alerts
  • Remote device and data management
  • Tracking behaviour patterns and irregularities detection
  • Free combination of sensors and devices
  • Users can share data with family members and professionals

Better together:
Geeny and Develco Products

  1. Easy data and device management
  2. Tools to build custom apps and services to enrich the experience
  3. Tools and rich data to create smarter insights
  4. Fast deployment and market rollout

Other smart care products built on Geeny:
Smart watch for seniors by SafeMotion

  • Safe movement zones
  • Emergency alerts
  • User friendly design
  • Direct contact with the family