Smart Shirt

Fabric with embedded health and automation technology

Geeny Smart Shirt Overview:

Digital technology is on its way to become a regular feature of daily wear. Colorfy, a boutique design and product development company used Geeny platform to create a piece of clothing that enables users to simultaneously track their health and control smart things in their life. Based on Geeny, the smart shirt aggregates data from all connected devices and provides a complete health and fitness overview.

Connected and healthy lifestyle:

  • Easy integration and custom control of fitness trackers
  • Touch controls to remotely manage smart home and everyday devices
  • Continuous monitoring of health conditions through precise and convenient heart rate tracker
  • WiFi-enabled camera for hands-off video calls
  • Fabric embedded stretch sensors for instant feedback about the posture
  • One place for digital footprint and aggregated fitness data

Better together:
Colorfy Smart Shirt on Geeny Platform

  1. Easy setup and seamless device and data management
  2. Tools to build custom apps and services for richer experience
  3. Tools to create new use cases using rich data and smart insights
  4. Fast go-to-market and rapid rollout