100% Geeny built dog health and activity tracker.

Dogsens brings you closer

Dogsens is a great example of how smart technology and rich data can create valuable insights for dog owners. The tracker monitors dog’s behaviour, activity, and wellbeing.

  • Tightly integrated hardware and software combination delivers experience beyond “fitness tracker for dogs”
  • Personalised expert recommendations and goal achievements based on dog’s breed, age, and health
  • Smart experience for new dog parents that help them take better care of their pet

Dogsens on Geeny Platform

  1. Seamless device and data management
  2. Connect Dogsens to other powered by Geeny devices, apps and services to create smarter insights
  3. Create new use cases using rich data from Dogsens and other devices
  4. Keep control of the data and share dog’s health information with a vet or a dog-sitter