Build even smarter IoT solutions. In less time. With less risk.

Forget about complex development issues - Geeny simplifies the process of developing apps and devices.

This enables you to rapidly build, launch, and operate your consumer IoT product.


Why Geeny?

Creative Freedom

Access real-time behavioral
insights to create more
personalized products and

Targeted Marketing

Use the Geeny customer base to
market your products and to
expand your reach.

Fast Deployment

Geeny handles data and device
security, complex data
processing, user authentication,
and device communication so
you don’t have to.

Dedicated Partner Ecosystem

The Geeny ecosystem connects
you to top IoT manufacturers,
design agencies, and other key
business partners around the

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Tap into consumer insights and build IoT solutions
that respond to real consumer needs.

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Meet the team

Lars Heidemann
Head of Business

Hans Stam
Business Development
Manager - Hardware

Maya Loustan
Business Development

Rene Bohne
Startup Program Manager

Christof Juette
Business Development

Karolina Mosiadz
Marketing Manager

Julius Patzelt
Business Development

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