Go, create the future

Geeny is an open and transparent IoT ecosystem for
companies and developers to create data driven, 
user friendly, intelligent products and applications. 
Just connect everything.

Build even smarter IoT solutions

Use Geeny to create your next big thing. We help you grow faster and help you deliver unique value to your customers. 

For Businesses

Connect your current solution to the cloud

Missing expertise? Don’t worry - 
focus on your core skills. Geeny 
connects businesses, developers, 
devices, data, and users.

For Businesses

Plug in to a global ecosystem.

Gain instant access to multiple data 
streams, build on a secure platform 
and publish to a growing 

For Developers

Make your current IoT solution smarter

Find, purchase, and sell data analysis 
algorithms in an ever-evolving 
developer community.

For Partners

Are you a design agency, hardware provider or any IoT contributor?

Join our partner network and connect 
with future partners.


More data means more solutions

Tap into consumer insights and build IoT solutions that respond to real consumer needs.

Create Geeny applications which consumers can choose to share their data with. Unlock new functionality and use cases for their existing smart devices.

For Businesses

Unleash your imagination

Use data from multiple devices to 
create products and build 
applications never thought up 

For Developers

Smartify your hardware

View trends as they evolve and 
get immediate insights into your 

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